This Palm Beach condominium was high end on a large scale. Ahead of a total renovation, Spatial Acuity took 3D laser scans to produce a floor plan and elevations with exacting detail and uncompromising accuracy as is their standard of product.



Palm Beach is a town where the name tells you a lot; defined by pristine beaches and manicured avenues lined with majestic palm trees, it’s easy to see why wealthy East Coast snowbirds have flocked to the town. When you have a jet set clientele, property owners tend to keep their units up to the contemporary norms of luxury and livability. This high standard of living is what brought Spatial Acuity to this particular condo complex located in the upscale southern Florida barrier island of Palm Beach.

Using the term condo is accurate but does not present the right image. This was a 6,500 square foot seasonal apartment with four bedrooms, a dining room with pocket ceilings, several outdoor balconies, two master bathrooms (for a husband and a wife each), a main kitchen plus a service kitchen next the dining room and a private library.

The client required highly detailed documentation of every single room in the condo. Spatial Acuity had to produce a floor plan, RCP, and elevations for every wall in every room. The Spatial Acuity drafting team was working in CAD so their 3D laser scanning team made sure to capture all the intricate details throughout the property.




Ultimately the modeling team opted to produced a Revit model, choosing to take advantage of the Revit format’s enhanced capabilities which made producing such comprehensive documentation far more efficient than traditional CAD. To give you a clear picture of the space all of its little quirks and intricate details, check out the resulting floor plans and elevations: