A large multi-tenant retail center in Maryland was due for an architectural refresh. The 120,000 square foot property was formerly an outdoor mall area that had been converted and partially tied to existing structures. New ownership knew that without existing documentation of their asset, they could not effectively manage the property or execute renovations with a controlled outcome.

With over 5 unique building structures on the property, 20 tenants and zero existing documentation, turning to Spatial Acuity for a customized as-built solution was a necessity – an investment that also led to recouping of significant leasable areas.



Spatial Acuity created a custom scan plan for maximum cost benefit to the owner which included all exteriors, interior demising walls, as well as key features like MEP rooms and bathrooms.

Understanding the retail spaces were in operation, the 3D laser scanning team was careful to devise a field plan that was conscientious of tenant schedules to avoid unnecessary interruption. Tenants were happy to find that the scanning process was silent and minimally invasive, leaving operations to continue running smoothly.

Once the field data was compiled into a unified point cloud the drafting team began creating the detailed drawings, including detailed storefront elevations.




After the 3-week end-to-end process was complete, accurate documentation was in the owner’s hands. The architectural grade plans featured detailed elevations that aided in planning for the façade improvements included in the update.

Understanding that the client had zero documentation to support square footage, the team went a step further and also delivered a leasing plan that proved to be valuable and enabled the owner to re-work the existing leasing plan and re-coup leasable space.