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One Size Doesn't Fit All

Build with Us

Retail As-Builts Reimagined

From Malls to Lux Boutiques

Retail design and construction has many different faces, don’t settle for a one-size fits all approach. Our individualized solutions mean that our as-built product meets your specific needs. Because we understand design and construction and insource our work, we are able to provide as-builts with the end in mind.

We’ve even managed to adapt this individualized approach to retail chain as-builts at national scale. When working on multiple locations you simply need a reliable and consistent source for as-builts. We 3D laser scan and our documentation is produced by our own internal team, so the documentation comes out with staggering consistency.

InSite360 Anywhere

With retail build outs, there is little room for error. Finishes, plenum spaces, and nearly all aspects are planned with little margins to spare. Sometimes just being there to look around beats all the CAD or Revit documentation in the world, so what are you waiting for? We deliver InSite360 that allows you to stand in the space, from anywhere, any device, at any time. Forget the JPG’s on the server, and definitely forget the second and third site visit, get InSite.

How We Do It

We will work with you to understand your project requirements and provide a custom fit laser scanning and as-built documentation solution. Once we are green lighted, the most experienced technicians in the business are mobilized and execute the field work as expeditiously as possible.

We deploy the latest in Reality Capture solutions, primarily through 3D laser scanning, to capture environments from a single room to buildings that encompass entire city blocks, all with immense accuracy and detail. Through our understanding of where you are trying to go, we work with you to determine what level of detail and accuracy you require from the onset.

The result of 3D laser scanning is a single consolidated set of points called a Point Cloud. This point cloud typically contains far more data and information than is needed and can be tough for designers and engineer to interpret on their own. This is where the Spatial Acuity difference lies. We take it one step further and convert it into highly usable and purpose built CAD or Revit as-builts.

Results in Action

Let our work speak for itself.

Our Proposition

Service at Every Step

We have a simple view here – do what we say we are going to do. Deliver with excellence and communicate with our client through every step from laser scanning to as-built creation.


We get real with you on accuracy, no over baked promises here. Yes, we can get absurdly accurate with your as-built documentation, but it doesn’t always make sense. We’ll consult with you on what’s real, and what’s a pie in the sky.


We are committed to landing our clients usable information. Laser Scanning, drones, and point clouds are cool, but don’t get stuck with something that isn’t worth the bytes on your hard drive. If you aren’t sure how to get the most out of our data, we show you how one on one and have unique systems that don’t require proprietary or expensive software.

Designer IQ

Our CAD and Revit as-built solutions are built with intelligence and usability in mind. You don’t care about your wall at 90.07 degrees, that’s a headache. We make judgment calls with intelligence, modeling like real humans as an extension of your studio.


Nothing is more important than honoring our commitment to mastery well after your project is completed. Go ahead and call us 6 months after we delivered. Not only will we answer the phone, but we will move lightning fast to support you.

What will you create? Contact us today.