To prepare for a projection mapping show inside the Anaheim Convention Center, Spatial Acuity was contracted to scan this incredible and huge space.  Projection mapping is when an anything but ordinary surface is used as the palette for large scale projection of visuals.  With the target surface digitized by our 3D scan, the projection mapping team can now prepare content well in advance of the show date.


The field date was set weeks in advance and firmly committed to by your team.  We used a Faro s350 scanner, which has a range of 350 meters (> 1000’).  From the floor of the arena, we scanned using multiple high-resolution scans, collecting over 1 billion points of data.

The raw point cloud data is just that, points in space with an XYZ and RGB value.  Modern projection mappers use a suite of tools that are most agreeable when the point cloud has been converted to a Mesh via an OBJ file, or in this case an FBX file to work with Autodesk Maya.


To create the FBX file, our team worked natively in Autodesk Revit to model the concerned elliptical roof surfaces as well as the general layout of the arena for context to the project mapping team.