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3D Laser Scanning

Build with Us

Trusted 3D Laser Scanning Providers

3D Laser scanning technology in the hands of our experts allows us to capture your site with extreme detail.

3D laser scanning and 3D visualization solutions are a more accurate and efficient way to support your planning, designing and construction. Our comprehensive scanning service converts reality into immersive data that can catapult your educated guess work into certainty. If you’re not comfortable using 3D scan data yourself, our experts know how to convert the data into your desired outcomes. We don’t just scan, we deliver solutions.

Laser Scanning Services Designed With Your Industry In Mind

Spatial Acuity’s laser scanning and as-built solutions have served as powerful foundations for a variety of people across multiple industries. Our client list includes:

  • Architects
  • Interior Designers
  • General Contractors
  • Speciality Subcontractors
  • Project Managers
  • Developers
  • Facility Owners & Managers
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Structural Engineers
  • Electrical Engineers
  • Historical Preservationists
  • Projection Mapping & Video Professionals
  • Virtual Reality Developers
  • Gaming & Film Professionals

How Laser Scanning Works

If You Can See It, We Can Scan It

Laser scanning, also known as LiDAR technology, allows us to efficiently capture the shape of physical objects using a line of laser light. Cameras continuously record the changing distance and shape of the laser line while it sweeps along the object or landscape. The resulting scan can be accurate up to 1mm. Our lasers are Class 1 rated and are nearly silent during operation, meaning it is eye safe and unobtrusive for building inhabitants. Not all laser scanning is created equal, nor is every project. Let us learn about your needs and develop a custom plan.

A Purpose-Built Plan

Our AEC professionals begin your project with the end in mind. One or many field specialists will execute a scan plan on-site that consists of one to thousands of individual scans. Each scan can take minutes to hours and billions of points may be collected, all with extreme accuracy. The data is then processed in our office and transformed into a single consolidated 3D object, typically in the form of a point cloud or mesh.

If your project requires as-built documentation, our internal drafting and modeling team works with the 3D point cloud files and expertly converts them to 2D and 3D models as needed. The end result equips you with your data in the format that enables your desired business outcome. All your completed documents are accessible through the cloud.

Laser Scanning Results

The Spatial Acuity experience gives you:

  • Better data, faster
  • An accelerated end-to-end workflow due to rapid mobilization times and less time in the field
  • Scanning and accuracy down to 1mm
  • An as-built file in the format that works best for you whether that be a point cloud, mesh, CAD or Revit file

Experience precision. Start with Spatial Acuity today.