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Capture Reality
with Laser Scanning

Three-dimensional laser scanning is how we quickly and efficiently document your entire building structure and surrounding landscape. Our comprehensive scanning services convert reality into data you can view anywhere, reducing survey time by as much as 50%.

3D-laser scanning and 3D-visualization solutions are a more accurate and efficient way to support your planning, designing, and construction. 3D technologies eliminate repeated trips to the project site with a tape measure and sketch pad to collect measurements. Technology in the hands of our experts allows Spatial Acuity to capture your site with extreme detail.

We provide a 360-degree analysis of anything you need to understand inside and out:

Laser scanning allows us to efficiently capture the shape of physical objects using a line of laser light.

Cameras continuously record the changing distance and shape of the laser line while it sweeps along the object or landscape.

The resulting scan is accurate up to 1mm.

Areas of Expertise


Industrial, Commercial & Institutional, Residential

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A purpose-built scanning plan

is custom designed and implemented for your project needs. Our technician executes the scan plan on-site and takes anywhere from a few, individual scans to thousands of scans as required for the project. This process produces a point cloud.

Our 3D-point cloud files easily convert to 2D and 3D models for VCD/CAD files, so you can display your images in the format that works best for you. And all files are accessible through the cloud. We also can handle conversions to exacting 2D and 3D documentation.

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Cloud collaboration solutions

are designed to fit with your software workflow and travel schedule. Point clouds are cross compatible with numerous VDC and CAD software packages and we frequently use the latest version of AutoCad, enabling easy viewing of all of your scans. Clients frequently ask us to convert the scans to detailed as-built surveys. We’re flexible.

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Experienced in New Tech

Our experience in laser scanning means that we are fast and can handle a range of challenges and project types. We know that one size does not fit all. Working with Spatial Acuity means that your project gets a solution tailored to the situation.

Spatial Acuity employs experienced AEC, project management professionals and we have mastered the technology and technique of laser scanning.

We work on a disciplined, structured project basis, allowing you to select exactly what services you need.

Communication between our project managers and clients is consistent during a laser scanning project. We’ve scanned sinkholes, fountains, former factories, and much more. As your consultants, we partner with your team to bring the right tools and solutions to each project, while staying nimble and adaptable throughout.

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