An expanding chain of hardware stores was ready to increase its US footprint in a major way. To make that ambition a reality, they needed to quickly acquire, assess, and remodel new properties. Using Spatial Acuity to laser scan and document several Florida location in Revit, they were able to tackle renovations based on comprehensive, accurate, and standard documentation from property to property. Key values to having Spatial Acuity working a national portfolio include:

  • Standard documentation for all properties;
  • Single point of contact – less communication overhead and streamlined processes;
  • More information – 360 degree web based virtual project site, aerial photography, 3D point clouds, CAD or Revit;
  • Custom portfolio delivery plans.



The new hardware store was set to open in Naples, Florida. This particular chain has a unique design to their shops that sets them apart from the Home Depots and Lowes, so the design team needed to stay involved in the process. There was only one problem: most of their design production was thousands of miles away on the West Coast. Though they had representation in Florida, they needed a way for to bring the project site to their main team. That is where Spatial Acuity comes in.

A 3D laser scanning team arrived in sunny Florida and quickly assessed the situation. Based on the needs of the client, the level of detail for the 3D laser scan was set at LOD 300. The resulting point cloud gave an uncompromisingly accurate rendering of the site. Then, for the purposes of the redesign, a Revit model was needed. The Spatial Acuity modeling team took the on-the-ground measurements and constructed a Revit model that reflected the conditions at the location in Naples.



The resulting model was then loaded into the SA Virtual Site, Spatial Acuity’s cloud-based system that allows clients to access the project site from anywhere with an internet connection. That meant that the design team on the West Coast could effectively transport themselves to the Florida location at any time.

With this video you can take a little tour yourself: