Beverly Hills has a famous zip code, infamous shops and restaurants, and mansions that make palatial seem like an understatement. While Spatial Acuity tends to get brought into larger multi-family projects, this was a case where the renovation of a single-family home required same detailed scanning and analysis of a large commercial project.

Renovating a house of this size is nothing like updating your typical home. With so much square footage spread across multiple structures, there is more room for error. Each contractor was basing their quote on measurements that differed vastly from one another. To get a fair price from vendors, the client needed authoritative documentation that could be used as the basis for all their estimates.



This property expanded over two lots and included a main house, a two-story guest house, pool house, tennis court, staff quarters, a detached gym, fountain, koi pond, and verdantly landscaped gardens. A project site such as this can present numerous challenges to a laser scan team. When the layout includes intricate details and unconventional shapes and angles, it is all the more essential for the crew to know the proper vantage points to scan from, and what level of detail is required to get the most accurate results.



Spatial Acuity’s measurements would be used as the gold standard by which multiple vendors would provide accurate estimates on material and labor costs for the renovation. With a case like this, it’s important to have a team with AEC industry experience and extensive training in the technology.




In all, the laser team scanned over 20,000 square feet of indoor area, along with much of the surrounding grounds. With the precise square footage determined, the client was able to negotiate with his contractors and get quotes with a common understanding of the scope.

Here’s an aerial rendering of the scan of the property in full, along with other renderings of the final point cloud:


revuelta mansion laser scan

point cloud laser scan revuelta mansion