A high-end residence was set to undergo a remodel from a leading Miami designer and required as-built documents to even begin. The home was large and complex, and the remodel scope included the landscaping and façade. The designer was working in 3D and did not have the tools, means, or time to capture and convert the building existing conditions into something usable. Spatial Acuity laser scanned the home inside and out, produced a stunningly detailed point cloud, and delivered a SketchUp ready 3D model with intensive focus to detail in key areas, such as, the kitchen, stairs, and bathrooms.

Videolapse of residence: foundation, first floor, second floor, and rooftop.


From the start, Spatial Acuity set out to understand the client’s requirements and budget. By understanding the expected nature of the remodel, Spatial Acuity was able to devise a bespoke solution that included detail where it mattered, such as the kitchen, bathrooms, and site topography. Spatial Acuity collaborated with the client to value engineer the solution and separate the “nice to have’s” from the “must have’s”. After locking in the scope, the Spatial Acuity team mobilized within one week to begin the field work phase.

Completing work in someone’s home is very different than any other type of project. With communication being key, Spatial Acuity was able to time their field activities around the homeowner’s personal schedule to eliminate any disruption to the family. The home was laser scanned over a 3-day period and the technology used was silent, eye safe, and generally unobtrusive that even the family dog didn’t mind.

After completing several hundred scans in the field that ranged from one minute to several minutes, an industry leading point cloud technician processed the data into the interim product, an immersive Point Cloud. A Point Cloud is the compilation of individual points in a coordinated and specialized manner that is optimized for the individual project goal. No project point cloud should ever be constructed in the same manner, it must be built with the end in mind. Well over 1 billion points of data were processed into the final project point cloud.

While Spatial Acuity’s point clouds are created in universal non-proprietary formats and can be used by our clients with free software, this designer decided to leave the conversion of the point cloud to the Spatial Acuity specialists.



With an industry leading point cloud in hand, Spatial Acuity’s Revit Conversion team had the data required to meticulously convert the point cloud into a usable 3D model ready for import into SketchUp. A team of three in-house Spatial Acuity Reality Conversion Specialists collaborated to build the final 3D product to jump start the project remodel. Our team are all experienced degreed professionals with a passion for technology, architecture, and building systems. Prior to modeling, the team reviewed the project scope with the designer and dug a little deeper into the expectations for the model to pick up what really mattered to the designer. Two progress models were issued throughout the process, and with each round, the team learned a little bit more from their client and addressed every need. Spatial Acuity’s collaborative client relationship allowed them to deliver a final model, free of comments, and ready for the results to speak for themselves.