Nested in a hillside with multiple levels, including a World War II era bunker, the property boasted numerous points of interest including a tree room.  The owner, an Architect by training, had a sincere interest in the history and overall composition of the property.  He understood that making improvements would have to start with a real understanding of this complicated and ornate property.

After evaluating multiple service providers, Spatial Acuity was selected based on having the best 3D tech for the job and a genuine interest in the work.


Over a diligent three-day period, every nook and cranny of the property was scanned, including under a small outdoor bridge feature that became known lovingly by the Spatial Acuity team as the “troll bridge”.  No stone was left unturned as every square inch was pulled together into one of our most stunning 3D point clouds to date.


Because there was an aspect of preservation to the project, the client opted for additional modeling detail.  The modeling team executed the Revit model to excruciating detail.  The results speak for themselves: