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A Masterful Vision

Requires Comprehension of Every Angle

Infuse your project with industry leading building information modeling and virtual design and construction technology. Spatial Acuity starts your projects right and supports you throughout the entire lifecycle. Comprehensive, accurate, and meticulously developed solutions are a phone call away.

As-Built Documentation

As-built services lay the proper foundation for a project, with actionable, accurate and comprehensive data. Strong design and construction lifecycles begin with precise 2D/3D CAD and RVT models.

Build Confidently
The high-quality documentation provided by Spatial Acuity is accurate, comprehensive, and always on time. From 2D to 3D, Spatial Acuity selects the right methodology and format to get you on your feet quickly.

Build Digitally
Start your project smarter with 2D and 3D as-built drawings from point clouds or convert existing 2D designs with 2D to 3D conversions. BIM modeling services give you an all-digital, down to the details, picture of the entire project. Ask how clash detection services reduce risks, change orders and delays.

Laser Scanning

Understand what you’re starting with so you can end with something amazing. Spatial Acuity’s 3D laser scanning methodology provides a comprehensive, 360-degree analysis of anything you need to understand inside and out. From complex building and site existing conditions to sinkholes, our comprehensive 3D scanning and laser surveying services converts reality into data.

Get better data, faster. Reduce time in the field and accelerate your end-to-end workflow.

Precision is paramount. Scanning accuracy down to 1mm.

Start work sooner. Rapid deployment of our mobile scanning, anywhere.

Ready for analysis. Our 3D point clouds are cross compatible with key VDC and CAD software packages, including Revit and AutoCAD.

Drone Intelligence

Access every angle with state-of-the-art drone surveying and monitor your build from above with drone progress documentation.

See everything. Drone inspections provide 4k photo and video, high res 2D aerial maps and 3D clouds & meshes for a comprehensive understanding of your project.

Understand everything. Generate measures of distance, area, and volume, as well as elevation analysis with drone photogrammetry.

Monitor everything. Ensure projects are on track with regular drone progress documentation.

Access everything. Cloud based tools provide quick and easy access to your data from anywhere, even from your mobile on the go.

Cloud Collaboration

Access your data anywhere with real-time cloud collaboration. All photos, videos, scans and models are ready at an instant for whenever inspiration strikes.

Areas of Expertise


Industrial, Commercial & Institutional, Residential

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